Shelley Mackaman, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist

Redmond Medical Center
8301 161st Ave. NE
Suite 300
Redmond, WA  98052
(425) 885-3330

Promise of Youth
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Shelley Mackaman is a clinical psychologist specializing in the needs of children, teenagers and families.  Since 1982, she has cultivated skills in the area of human development, working with a wide range of ages from toddlers to young adults and parents.  Understanding that early intervention is the ideal way to circumvent later difficulties, Dr. Shelley's efforts are always aimed at maximizing the potential of each individual, guiding their growth and development, and investing in their long term well being.

Most of Dr. Shelley's clients come recommended by medical or education professionals. Her successes with youth facing developmental disorders, emotional health issues and the all important "social challenges" are frequent and reassuring.  Dr. Shelley's approach is “whole-child” and includes parents, doctors, teachers and other authorities in the process of addressing all needs that affect a child's ability to learn, adapt, and build fulfilling relationships.

Her practice is in Redmond, Washington.
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Dr. Shelley Mackaman
Dr. Shelley Mackaman
Dr. Shelley Mackaman
Dr. Shelley Mackaman
Dr. Shelley Mackaman